In fact, the sheen level is much like that of an actual eggshell. All paint reflects light to some degree. Color By Family. Before deciding to buy any Sherwin Williams Eggshell Paint, make sure you research and read carefully the buying guide somewhere else from trusted sources. Keep your walls a light cream color to soften the blue. Farrow & Ball Estate No.265 Manor House Gray - Eggshell Matt Paint - 750ml. In the HSL color space #f0ead6 has a hue of 46° (degrees), 46% saturation and 89% lightness. Buy Samples. Explore our best-selling, most beloved paint colors to get started. You can wash eggshell paints without harming the surface. Eggshell paint finishes – have a soft sheen, like an egg. Both eggshell and satin represent a compromise between matte and gloss finishes. Buy Gallons. google_ad_height = 600; The UK’s No. Lullaby Eggshell Paint is a low sheen, protective finish that dries to a hard, durable film. It is generally used in areas where flat paint is undesirable, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Eggwhite paint color SW 6364 by Sherwin-Williams. See all Yellow Paint Colors. Eggshell Paint is Cheaper than High Gloss Paint and Easier to Touch Up As a general rule, the higher the sheen, the more expensive the paint, and more expensive doesn’t always mean better. Browse our range of colours in oil-based eggshell paint. A gloss finish has the highest amount of sheen and a flat finish has the lowest amount of sheen. When they add more minerals to the mix, the paint takes on a duller appearance. ECOS Eggshell Paint is a medium sheen, protective finish that dries to a hard, durable film. Whatever colour paint you choose, make the DIY job easier by picking up all the necessary paint brushes and dust sheets. Buy Samples. Buy Gallons. //-->,