However, after learning they actually existed, Gorr vowed vengeance, as no god ever answered his prayers. He was a character created by Esad Ribic and Jason Aaron. Oct 20, 2020 #2 Thor via hax . - It's easy and it's free! He is basically just a brute. King Thor is an alternate future, just like TOBA Hulk, King Thanos, Venom: The End, etc. 0. User Lists: 0 #1 skywalker95. 616 versions respectively. Gorr seems to be God Kryptonite. 10 gorr the god butcher The most controversial pick to take on the Infinity Gauntlet single-handed, it's likely not even Gorr the God Butcher realizes the full depths of his power. KMC Community Forums. @takenstew22: @hyoname: How much more powerful is he, then before? The above with BFR allowed Who wins in each of the above ? Oct 20, 2020 #2 Thor via hax . Again I don't see this a stomp, or easy fight. New … $105.00. BEERUS - 0:53 GORR - 3:15 FIGHT BREAKDOWN - 4:50 Today, we've got the God Butcher taking on the God of Destruction! Also, i don't remember any multiversal feats from Gorr in this story. "What did I say boy!" Gorr the God Butcher was the main antagonist of the comic series,Thor: God of Thunder. Strength . Wiki Points. Strength. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. U may have a thing on that God Kryptonite. Except, Gorr was fighting King Thor at a Multiversal scale. 8851. Gorr the God Butcher vs Thor by Esad Ribic. Gorr The God Butcher is the main antagonist of the 2013 comic series, Thor: God of Thunder. Sign Up Login. Stricken with grief over the death of his loved ones, Gorr gave up hope and believed there were no gods. Death Battle 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Gorr the God Butcher 4 Kratos 5 Pre-Fight 6 Fight! And, of course, it would be like using Future Thanos. Posted by 3 years ago. 7 years ago Gorr stomps. share. Also, can i see the statement from Aaron? If future king Thor and many gods have the ability of telepathy and I’m sure some tried this and he slaughtered them all. Gorr already had a chance to win then, he godstomps now. Darkseid CANNOT use the Anti-Life Equation. With Prep, as always Thanos takes the majority. But essentially, the fact that Thor gets 2 shotted by Thanos and can't really hurt him, while he can hurt Gorr and take multiple hits from him, put Thanos higher. Who comes out on top? Gorr The God Butcher Aliases: Gorr the Redeemer, Cloud Stalker, Killer of Gods, The Black Butcher, Butcher of Gods, God of Hypocrisy, God of God Butchering, All-Black the Necroverse Height: 6' 7" Weight: Unknown Species: Unknown Gender: Male Marital Status: Widower Occupation: God Slayer First Appearance: Thor: God of Thunder #2 (2013) FEATS-Survived growing up on a hostile planet plagued … Gorr was once a simple man living on a dying alien planet, constantly wracked by famine, predators and natural disasters. Serious. But that axe is capable of killing Celestials. 32. Yes, King Thor killed Gorr by unlocking his inner potential. Archived. So did Marvel's official website and the writer. It was strictly universal. Gorr has shown no telepathic resistance whatsoever, so it should work on him. Nov 10, 2014 - Gorr the God Butcher vs Thor by Esad Ribic. Thanos should win by TP though Gorr is a lot more powerful. Combat. At an early age, his mother and father died, leaving Gorr to fend for himself in the harsh environment. Gorr The God Butcher & Galactus vs Thanos. 0. Gorr godstomps now. Gorr is the god butcher for a reason..... he curb stomps this. report. Who will come out on top? The series establishes Gorr as a once ordinary alien driven to madness by the deaths of his wife and children. Free shipping . 32. Speed. Thanos was able to mentally enslave the Fallen one, a herald of Galactus. Gorr The God Butcher (AsgardianBrony)Versus Beerus The God of Destruction (EmperorThanos)ScenarioGorr's hatred of Gods has extended to beings of othe Again I don't see this a stomp, or easy fight. 14 comments. @professorrespect: Ty man, checking it out right now. He's an augmented Eternal. Future Gorr didn't have any amps or augmentations like SP1M or Thanos. Gorr's pregnant mate Arra was killed during an earthquake, and one by one his chil… Battle options . Wiki Points ... Gorr won easily at God Butcher, Gorr stomps now with no effort. Gorr the god butcher would be able to take doomsday down and give him trouble but wouldn’t be able to kill doomsday. Both bloodlusted. 616 versions respectively. @czarny_samael666: nothing but it dosen't seem like it would affect him, ok i will take TP off for both rounds. Strength. Gorr,The God Butcher vs New 52 Superman 52 results; 1; 2; This topic is locked from further discussion. 0. The new feats are "future Gorr", and if you want to use "future Gorr" you should also use "future Thanos" if you want to use those feats, and Thanos stomps again.