Alizabeth is on a mission to share her passion for music with others, as she believes that the power of music has the ability to change lives and the world. Each type will eventually bring out different facets of your musical style. I've done blind tests on those and can tell the ebony fretboard every time. Rosewood vs Maple Fretboards: Which is Better? American Ultra is our most advanced series of guitars and basses for discerning players who demand the ultimate in precision, performance and tone. This is one of the reasons some guitar players prefer Fender Stratocasters and Telecasters with the option of a rosewood fretboard. Answer: The best conditioner to use for a healthy guitar fretboard is lemon oil. Well, if you realy want a rosewood fretboard on your new Fender Stratocaster or Jazz Bass, then you had better be pretty quick! Rosewood. It’s very important that if you’re playing on a Rosewood fretboard to take a close examination of your fretboard every few weeks to ensure that there isn’t an excessive buildup of dirt or grease. That doesn't mean you're wrong. If you own a guitar (with East indian rosewood fretboard) made by us before January 2017, the guitar is treated as a pre-convention item, and no certificate is needed, unless you sell your guitar to another country, crossing customs borders. Good luck with your guitars! Its creamy, natural white color can identify the use of a maple fretboard, but if you’re more familiar with the of historical guitars, maple fretboards are commonly used on the Fender Standard Telecaster and the Stratocaster models. If this is the sound for you or if you are looking to ‘warm up’ a brighter sounding guitar then rosewood … Wiping down your fretboard with a dry cloth after every time you’re finished playing (or every few hours if you’re playing for a long time) will get rid of any buildup of finger oils that can eat through the finish. I know I didn't really touch on the tone & difference in tone between Maple & Rosewood Fingerboards but I did touch that other end of the guitar Neck spectrum. Fender is committed to the continued use of Rosewood in American-made solid body guitars… Ebony is a less common fretboard material, but still quite popular. About 12% of these are Stringed Instruments Parts & Accessories, 1% are Guitar. You may have noticed that the fretboard on your guitar is a bit darker than on the day you bought it, so the reason for the darker hues are because your guitar has been exposed to UV light and oxigen. So they were plugged as well. A dark colored guitar fretboard like rosewood, will start to fade in color randomly around the fret board (also known as fingerboard). Best PRS Guitars on The Market – All You Need to Know. Your fretboard material will impact your technique as well as the way the strings ring through the pickups. But it is a bright, tight sound, and in my opinion not suited for everything I play. I forgot to include my intended footnote explaining that I use the term “RW” to represent any darker, non-laminated fretboard wood that can be treated with oil, such as Pau Ferro etc. To properly clean it, you will need to unstring the guitar, protect the sensitive areas, remove the dirt, condition and polish, and restring the guitar. Some companies will stain Honduran Rosewood a darker hue to make it have a similar color appearance to Brazilian Rosewood, although Honduran Rosewood is also becoming endangered. The first is the one-piece maple neck. The best cleaner is what was mentioned prior, Naphtha. Best Baritone Guitars: 5 Top Picks That Should Be High On Your List. Due to the finish on maple fretboards, the upkeep on a maple fretboard isn’t too challenging. Honduran Rosewood isn’t as endangered as Brazilian Rosewood is, which means that Honduran Rosewood isn’t under as a restrictive watch as Brazilian Rosewood is. Guitar Gopher (author) on August 26, 2019: Hi Monty. Only 18 left in stock - order soon. Eg, When I get “writer’s block’ trying to create a new guitar solo, switching from Maple to RW (or vice verse) often helps clear the block, because I play each with a different approach. As for ebony, I can take it or leave it. Our writing team has deep experience in the musical space, specifically with guitars and “other lutes”. Condition: New. Why have two guitars with the same fretboard when you can have one of each? It’s one of the things I really love about the Strat, and in my opinion, a maple fretboard on a one-piece neck plays fantastic. Best Fretboard Oil for Ebony or Rosewood Fretboards. We take our job seriously. One the Gretsch forum where just about every guitar has a Rosewood board there are of course different opinions but the most common choice is F-One to condition the board. Rosewood is a warm, sweet tonewood. Fret Wire : Martin Rosewood **note as of 1 -25-2012 the scale for standard Martin is 25.344" Manufacturers love it because it is very abundant in nature, relatively inexpensive, and fairly easy to work with. The story goes that Leo Fender was frustrated with the wear in maple fretboards. 00. Rosewood, on the other hand, feels like a proper, separate entity, which is something I prefer. How it's sealed affects how it feels to the fingers.There are basically two types of maple fretboard feel, smooth and semi-smooth. The oldest one in my opinion has to be either a 1968, 69 or 1970, which was turned into a 1971 with the 3-bolt style Neck [I know they're actually Screws but I'm gonna go with Bolts okay people...]. Cleaning a rosewood fretboard without damaging it can be done using wood oil soap, steel wool, lemon oil, and a towel. Madagascar Rosewood Our standard grade Madagascar Rosewood (Dalbergia baroni) fingerboards are just as high quality as the Master Grade, however, these have a more uniform, brown, straight grained appearance. Obviously one advantage here is that you not limited to a maple neck. I'm crazy about fender's Red Finishes so it'll probably be how it originally was when it was still at the factory.