Solution: Management Dynamics’ Supply Chain Visibility solution.Business Impact: The solution has allowed Abercrombie & Fitch to receive notice of inbound shipments approximately 10 days sooner than previously. The solution enables retailers to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to predict demand by fulfillment channel, dynamically manage inventory levels, and optimize omnichannel allocation. Market and demand Analysis . Manual entry errors greatly reduced while improving order fulfillment rates. Improve overall operations and supply chain, gain transparency, reduce cost. Decreased obsolete and aged inventory from 18% down to 2% of total inventory. More accurate planning as the company experienced high growth, a constrained capacity situation and a more volatile commodities market.Solutions/Services: Logility Voyager SolutionsBusiness Impact: Increased customer service from 95.5% to 98.8%. Improved inventory management, resulting in lower inventory levels.Enabler: Caterpillar Logistics Services Inc. (Morton, IL, Manitowoc Crane Care (Heavy Equipment Mfg. Give 2 minutes to the class to ask any questions. The company has seen a 5% increase in each builder's efficiency just from the scheduling being automated with APS, and the new software has given them visibility into every planned order they need. Automate processing of the Department of Defense's transportation payments. Business Impact: Using the Apptricity TMS solution, Army Transportation Units and their command structure have real-time visibility and the capability to manage, plan, coordinate and report cargo movement within theater. Today, just one accounts payable person approves all vendor payments.Enabler: Treya Partners (Thousand Oaks, CA, Leading N. American manufacturer of windows, siding and other building productsThe Project: Procurement cost reduction and process improvement. The "New Normal" economy of the post-Great Recession era has forced companies to operate leaner and meaner than in the past. Enabler: John Galt Solutions, Inc. (Chicago, Customer: Leading Consumer Goods Company The Project: Improve forecast accuracy by facilitating collaboration between analysts, sales teams and retail partners. Process improvements include better shipment planning, freight rates management, truck tendering, ratability and position reporting, logistics planning, freight accrual, and freight payment processing.Enabler: Silvon Software, Inc. (Westmont, IL, Mid-market producer and distributor of dairy productsThe Project: Supply chain business intelligence. Increased parts availability also dramatically improved customer service, resulting in virtually no complaints about stock-outs. Gene Marks. While a seemingly simple concept, many students struggle with it as they come to understand the fluidity of supply and demand. Sciences, Culinary Arts and Personal Business Impact: Kao updated its quality process, enabling it to test and release products 50% faster. Markwins can now roll up accounts of smaller (but no less important) customers and treat it as one record without sacrificing fine-grain analysis and the ability to adjust forecasting parameters as needed. Enabler: UpNet Technologies (Minneapolis, Customer: Household goods importer The Project: PO automation and inventory management. Over 83,000 lessons in all major subjects, {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}}, Circular Flow of Economic Activity Lesson Plan, Stock Market Activities for Elementary Students, Stock Market Projects for High School Students, Aggregate Demand & Supply Activities for High School, Demand, Supply & Market Equilibrium Activities for High School, Scarcity, Choice, & the Production Possibilities Curve Activities for High School, Inflows, Outflows, & Restrictions Activities for High School Economics, Scarce Economic Resource Markets Activities for High School, Supply & Demand in Microeconomics Activities for High School, Lesson Plan for a Market Research Activity, Tragedy of the Commons Discussion Questions, Who Moved My Cheese? World Distribution Services Opens 2nd Savannah Facility. Business Impact: Juniper experienced a 40% reduction in lead times, customer satisfaction rating improved, percentage of commercial invoice value paid to duties and taxes was reduced. In your group (maximum of four members), complete the following: Choose a product of your own design or one with which you are familiar, which would be affected by the dynamics of a market economy. Groups should take no more than 3 minutes to explain their company, their belief of what the demand for their product will be, their plans for supply, and possible shifts in the market or other factors that could affect both demand and supply. Solutions/Services: Implementation of new operational processes and use of a number of Inmar's proprietary Web-based tools. Coming up with social studies lesson plans on supply and demand may initially come across as a strategy-limiting task that is confined within the boundaries of lecture. Automate planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling theater transportation activities. Secondary goal: Reduce inventory levels. 7. Enabler: U.S. Bank (Minneapolis, Customer: U.S. Department of Defense The Project: Automating paper-based payments. Deliver a minimum of $4 million hard sustainable cost savings. Demand Shift or Supply Shift The Market for Illegal Drugs • When drug prices are low, law enforcement gets blamed. courses that prepare you to earn … Graphs correctly displaying supply and demand and showing how these would shift based upon outside factors. Sign Up. Materials: computer access for research and to make PowerPoint; paper. Next Level Purchasing, Inc., & the Next Level Purchasing AssociationNext Level Purchasing (Moon Township, PA, has long offered online courses teaching purchasing and supply management strategies, as well as the Senior Professional in Supply Management (SPSM) certifications. All rights reserved. Enabler: Puridiom (Mechanicsburg, PA, Customer: Top 100 Defense Contractor The Project: e-Procurement solution. Solutions/Services: Epicor ERP. Move from flat-file database, improve accuracy and provide suppliers and planners a way to interact directly with planning data.Solutions/Services: Avercast Business Forecasting, Supply Planning, Sales Forecasting & Supplier Connection.Business Impact: Today Markwins’ key suppliers can view the company forecast while customers are entering their own projections for Markwins’ products. Increased parts availability also dramatically improved customer service, resulting in virtually no complaints about stock-outs. E-sourcing technologies, market intelligence collected from other industries, and change management services in order to drive compliance. Project Title: Supply and Demand E l e Y Ca ee I e e B i e a d Ma age e 2.6 2012 Ca ee C ica i , I c. Your class has agreed to sell ice cream at a school function. Call on 3 to 5 students to share some of their thoughts with the class. Each graph should include a description as well as an explanation of the impact of possible market shifts. 4SIGHT Supply Chain Group (WMS & LMS implementation)*, e-LYNXX Corporation (International Construction Equipment (ICE); automated vendor selection procedure) Emptoris, Inc. (Global engineering and construction company; supplier performance management) eZCom Software (P2F Holdings; EDI project) Fieldglass (BP; VMS implementation) Fluensee, Inc. (Container Centralen US; returnable asset tracking solution) Full Circle Wireless (A.T. Kearny; recycling/sourcing/procurement/corporate social responsibility) Genpact (Inventory optimization)* GEP (Global eProcure) (Indirect procurement, outsourcing, technology)* Greybeard Advisors LLC (Fortune 500 retailer; procurement assessment and transformation) GT Nexus (Fortune 100 Retailer; paperless supply chain) Iasta (OfficeMax, Inc.; procurement transformation) IES, Ltd. (Private; packaging optimization), Insight Sourcing Group (Cost optimization assessment & sourcing)*, INSIGHT, Inc. (Supply chain network redesign)* Intermec (Mission Foods; inventory tracking solution), Kinaxis (Supply chain planning process improvement)*, LogFire (Top Three Retailer in Latin America; WMS implementation), Lucas Systems, Inc. (Voice-directed warehouse management)* Manhattan Associates (Urban Outfitters; WMS) Metastorm (now an OpenText business) (CRM/ERP consolidation)* MetricStream Inc. (Fortune Global 200 Consumer Electronics Brand and Medical Devices Company; supplier quality solution implementation) Mode Transportation (formerly Exel Transportation) (Leveraging TMS in the marketplace)* ModusLink Global Solutions, Inc. (Provo Craft; supply chain outsourcing and optimization) NFI (NFI; centralized distribution implementation) NGC Software (Parigi Group; PLM software implementation) Omnify Software (Crystal Technology; product lifecycle management implementation), Pace Harmon (Fortune 500 Telecom Company; global supply chain optimization), PINC Solutions (Yard management and visibility)*, Prime Advantage (Ultrafryer Systems; sourcing/procurement solution) ProcureStaff Technologies (Fortune 500 Financial Services Company; VMS implementation) Psion, Inc. (Powell's Books; barcoding and WMS implementation) Reddwerks (Well-known Specialty Retailer; event-enabled logistics) RedPrairie Corporation (ADS Logistic Services; enterprise WMS/on-demand WMS implementation) Remsoft, Inc. (One of the World's Largest Pulp Manufacturers; asset lifecycle optimization solutions implementation) Retalix Ltd. (ERP & WMS implementation)* Schneider Logistics, Inc. (International and domestic supply chain synchronization) SciQuest, Inc. (KBR; e-sourcing/project-based procurement), Spend Radar (Spend analysis savings allocation)*, StarCite (One of the World's Leading Pharmaceutical Companies; strategic meetings management solution) Sterling Commerce, an IBM company (Transportation management system (TMS) implementation)* Strive Logistics, LLC (Fortune 500 Shipper; consolidation and optimization project) Tableau Software (Norfolk Southern Corp.; supply chain network redesign) TAKE Solutions Inc. (Baker Hughes Inc.; e-procurement, supplier integration, e-invoicing) Terra Technology (Forecasting and inventory optimization)* Test Technology (DriveCam; Recycling/redeployment/refurbishment/repairs) TMSi Logistics (Lean action workout)* ToolsGroup (Global 2000 Electronics Distributor; demand planning & inventory optimization) Trade Wings (Telenor Norway; integrated reuse program) TradeStone Software (UK's Leading Direct Home Shopping Company; merchandise lifecycle management implementation) Transplace (Supply chain network expansion)* Upside Software Inc. (International Pharmaceutical Company; contract lifecycle management solution) Verian Technologies (e-Procurement solution)* VHA Inc. (Scottsdale Health; multi-faceted supply chain cost reduction project) Volt Consulting Group (Leading Provider of Health Insurance; business intelligence consultation) Waer Systems Limited (Tier 1 Aerospace Manufacturer; replenishment solution using GPRS) YRC Worldwide (Inventory management)* Zionex Inc. (Fortune 500 Global Manufacturer; production planning solution implementation). Business Impact: By using outside factories in existing low-cost locations, Riverwood demonstrated capital savings of $160 million compared to baseline option of new internal factory, while still achieving product cost target. Consolidate three N. American warehouses into one showcase facility located near the UPS Central hub in Louisville, KY. With goals of improved customer focus, reduced cost of ownership, increased dealer loyalty, through a long-term agreement with a world-class partner.Solutions/Services: Operations/planning, packaging/branding, program management, transportation management, IT infrastructure.Business Impact: Start-up completed ahead of schedule and under budget. Today, just one accounts payable person approves all vendor payments. Distribution Centers Inundated by COVID Demands Face New Challenges from Holiday Shoppers. Wooden Pallets. In my own understanding, it is that kind of relationship between the supplier and the consumer. A phased implementation approach was taken with Goya North East (Secaucus and 6 satellites) that accounts for over a third of Goya's sales volume going live in December 2009. flashcard set{{course.flashcardSetCoun > 1 ? Supply and Demand Lesson Plans & Activities. Coupled with the potential of REV’s vision for the new RadioShack, the former owners elected to retain a minority stake, to share in the success of the new RadioShack. As all students/groups will be researching the same topic, an organized class discussion is the best way to wrap up this project. In addition, Puridiom’s CPSR (Contractor Purchasing System Review)-ready technology and integration has eased the burden and assisted the client with mission-critical audits.Enabler: ReSolve (Peabody, MA, National multiple system operatorThe Project: Establish a more cost-effective way to manage returned DVRs.Solutions/Services: Product returns and service spares management solutions.Business Impact: By sending retired DVR equipment directly to a ReSolve facility, the MSO saves money by utilizing returned material from its own product stream to create service spares inventory. Solutions/Services: Spend analysis and opportunity assessment services. Ten years ago, Supply & Demand Chain Executive announced its first "100" list of supply chain solution providers, consultants and other organizations that were helping lead the way in transforming companies' supply and demand chains. Resource management is the process in which you plan,schedule and allocate your resources to achieve maximum efficiency on yourproject. {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}} lessons First full year of operations was completed at end of 2010, and client operating costs were $250,000 under budget. Sales team spends less time forecasting and more time strategically selling. The company needed to optimize many facets of its Distribution Operations to meet customer and business commitments. Construction is in demand – but who's going to do all the work? More Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100 Recipients for 2011. HHC has reduced its off-contract spend and ensured that it is procuring items at negotiated prices.Enabler: Global4PL Supply Chain (Sunnyvale, CA, Fortune 500 manufacturer in the telecommunications sectorThe Project: Integrate in one system import control, export control, supply chain visibility, document control, freight audit and payment, HTS Database.Solutions/Services: POHorizonBusiness Impact: Complete visibility from PO to delivery, total compliance, reduced costs, greater visibility/exception management and complete control on a worldwide basis of all shipments and transactions.Enabler: HighJump Software (Eden Prairie, MN, Richmond Cold Storage (Third-party Logistics)The Project: Consolidate multiple WMS systems to one centrally hosted system that is adaptable to ever-changing business processes and that reduces TCO.Solutions/Services: HighJump Software WMS using HighJump Advantage Architect and HighJump’s Web-based reporting system, HighJump WebWise, supported in a WMWare virtual environment.Business Impact: Many processes that were previously manually executed or managed through another system outside the WMS are now automated within the WMS. Gained the ability to track entire product inventory across all warehouses, including keeping track of each retailer's SKU for easy reference and allocation. © 2020 AC Business Media, LLC. Implement a tool to help determine what products to order, when, and in what quantities so Goya would have the right products at the right place at the right time, and to enable the company to bring on shorter shelf-life items and better manage them. HR, Marketing, Finance, Operations, Others. Log in here for access. How consumers can reconcile the balance between the need of buying a product or a service against its cost. Jan 24, 2013 - Explore Lianne Kalapaca's board "Supply/Demand- How We Organize Ourselves" on Pinterest. Business Impact: Kwalyti Tool immediately became more profitable and realized ROI within the first three months. Supplier relationships have also improved.Enabler: Puridiom (Mechanicsburg, PA, Top 100 Defense ContractorThe Project: e-Procurement solution. The new invoice automation solution has enabled the company to cut in half the processing time of millions of invoices annually, and some group units are now able to achieve 60% fully automatic, straight-through processing.Enabler: Cadent Resources, Inc. (Arlington Heights, IL, $10 million metal component manufacturerThe Project: Demand planning and forecasting. On April 4, the firm launched the Next Level Purchasing Association, a free professional purchasing association aimed at breaking the mold of traditional associations by offering the same benefits through a free online format. The Miami location went live in May 2010 and the Puerto Rico location went live in September 2010. We’ll even meet a 3-hour deadline. Enabler: Fortna Inc. (Reading, PA, Customer: MSC Industrial Supply Co. (Industrial Distribution) The Project: Order fulfillment optimization. While a seemingly simple concept, many students struggle with it as they come to understand the fluidity of supply and demand. Get the unbiased info you need to find the right school. Associate editor Brielle and assistant editor Mackenna shop online and analyze the ordering, delivery and packaging process in new video series Unboxing the Last Mile. Anyone can earn Adopting technology is necessary for market players to manage a huge volume of returns. Shop the latest street style online now. Not sure what college you want to attend yet? Fill rates increased from 80% to 95% in aftermarket business.Enabler: Source One Management Services, LLC (Willow Grove, PA, Multi-billion dollar global mining & minerals processing companyThe Project: MRO sourcing/spend reduction. Enabler: Apptricity Corporation (Irving, TX, Customer: Department of Defense (Defense) The Project: TMS. All rights reserved. Use those stories and proof of value as collateral, and as part of your pitch for a specific action you want. Duke estimates that they were able to realize $2.3 million in savings during the transition. Free MBA Project Topics, Ideas. Solutions/Services: Fulfillment Center process redesign by Fortna Inc. that fundamentally changed the way MSC operated its facilities, implemented new warehouse control software – FortnaWCS™ in all locations that was seamlessly integrated with MSC's warehouse management and order systems and its materials handling equipment. In order to make the most profit, you need to supply the most popular flavors at a price that students and their families are willing to pay. Solutions/Services: Product returns and service spares management solutions. View all; Newsletter sign-up form. Solutions/Services: GHX Business Solutions, GHX exchange services and GHX Procurement Suite Business Impact: HHC cut costs and improved operational performance, achieving a $14 million annual savings goal. Client and project type listed in parenthesis. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. This article is more than 9 months old. Solutions/Services: Value chain analysis, with supply chain modeling, supplier quoting and evaluation, and pro forma financial modeling. Reduced risks within the supply chain, eliminating chances of working with denied parties, ensuring timely, accurate filing of the Importer Security Filing, and decreased the amount of time it takes for their goods to clear Customs. We have compiled a list of interesting and practical mini project ideas for you to work on.