This movie does not rely on big budget special effects or artful cinematography to distract the viewer from sub-par writing. 4.0 out of 5 stars 44 ratings. It’s been a decade since Robbie Coltrane last played Dr. Eddie Fitzgerald, the forensic shrink whose adventures presaged the boom in American crime procedurals. The incessant media noise reminds him of his tour of duty in Ulster, which to British society has become a forgotten sacrifice, overtaken by the rush of newer events. The Cracker series and this movie in particular have what many movies today lack: excellent dialogue. We have a strong suspicion that Fitz will do something, usually involving his excessive drinking, smoking and/or gambling, that will upset his family and cause considerable personal turmoil. CRACKER: A NEW TERROR Format: DVD. Our hero definitely has flaws. And thanks to Scottish actor Robbie Coltrane, he's also one of the most unforgettable small-screen characters to emerge in the last decade and a half. For his part, McGovern says he never would have written another Cracker movie without Coltrane's participation. Soon enough he has one. Coltrane may be best known to American audiences as the giant Hagrid in the Harry Potter movies, but he has been a comedy star in Britain since the 1980s, (he teamed with Monty Python's Eric Idle in the hilarious Nuns on the Run, a Some Like It Hot-like comedy, among other movies), and a much-praised dramatic actor. $24.99. He joins the police in hunting for a murderer with no apparent motive © 1999-2020 Ships Free in the U.S. aka Cracker Nine Eleven (UK). Still, in addition to the excellent scenes showing Fitz at work, there's an interesting subtext about all the changes that have taken place in Manchester since Fitz left the city seven years earlier. They're joined by Flynn, director Antonia Bird, Christopher Eccleston, (a former cast member who's now in Heroes), and various other cast and creative team members in interviews in the documentary. With almost 15 years under its belt, the Cracker series has purportedly reached it’s final episode with this new outing. Critically-acclaimed detective drama starring Robbie Coltrane as the wise-cracking Dr Eddie 'Fitz' Fitzgerald. The hulking figure is not a happy man on this happy day. Not surprisingly for a series that boldly took on topical issues such as skinhead violence toward Britain's Asian immigrants, homophobia and religious hypocrisy, Cracker: A New Terror involves a murderer who is deeply affected by 9/11, the war in Iraq and the recently concluded war in Northern Ireland. - Buy CRACKER: A NEW TERROR at a low price; free shipping on qualified orders. Cracker movies are not whodunits. Fitz, who has been living with his wife and teaching in Australia for the past seven years, he calls it the land of "skin cancer and Skippy", is back in Manchester for his daughter's wedding. Buy Cracker: A New Terror (DVD $22.98). CRACKER: A NEW TERROR: Robbie Coltrane: DVD e Blu-ray. Episodes varied in length from 50 … Like a good detective, he sees patterns where others find only random events. It aired here on BBC America. In ”Cracker: A New Terror,” a depressed and deranged former soldier, a veteran of “the Troubles” in Northern Ireland, begins to murder Americans. In this final episode of the series, Fitz returns to England for his daughter's wedding, to find profound changes to his homeland, following the 9/11 and the Iraq war. You will receive a follow-up to verify you would like to receive our emails. In a one-off return episode of the award-winning British TV series “Cracker,” Fitz tells the wedding party that he’s rooting for American defeat in Iraq.
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